Who We Are

Swans and Friends Bird Rescue


Swans and Friends Bird Rescue was set up in early 2006 following the closure of The Outwood Swan Lifeline Sanctuary after the death of its founder, Marjorie Uniwin.

We are a rescue service centred in the Redhill area to the east of Surrey, catering for all wild birds but focusing mainly on swans and waterfowl. We rescue, treat, or have professionally treated and release back onto environmentally safe areas. Sadly most of the rescues are to birds which have suffered at the hands of man, whether it be due to vandalism, driving accidents or the carelessness of fishermen or dog owners. We have a non-euthanasia policy except, when under veterinary advice, a bird's condition is too poor for any quality of future life.

We are all volunteers and operate a wildlife ambulance, which is also made available with equipment to other rescue organisations if their need is such that they are unable to cope alone. Sadly, running this kind of service does not come cheaply, with fuel and servicing of the ambulance and any veterinary costs. We receive no official funding but rely totally on public donations and our membership scheme.